Let me guide you every step of the way. I know publishing a book can seem daunting, but it becomes easy when you have someone by your side who has been through the process. With Big Moose Publishing, publishing your book becomes an easy, smooth, enjoyable experience.

Big Moose Publishing also offers services for those wishing to do the publishing work themselves but just need a little help in other areas such as interior book formatting or epub creation. Contact us for whatever your book publishing needs are.



You will be guided every step of the way. You will be shown how to navigate your publishing account so that you can monitor your own royalties and order your own books once published at the greatest possible discount. Publishing will be done through both IngramSpark and KDP Amazon.

IngramSpark offers the world’s largest distribution channel including Amazon, Barnes&Noble/Indigo, Kobo, Nook, Apple books, and much more. To see the full worldwide distribution, click here.


ISBN Assignment
Online Worldwide Distribution (see note above about distribution)
Custom Cover Design
Choice of Standard Trim Sizes
Interior Book Design for both IngramSpark and KDP
E-book formatting and Distribution for both IngramSpark and KDP
Paperback or Hardcover formatting and Distribution
Amazon “Look Inside”
Registration with Legal Deposit Library and Archives Canada
100% Royalties paid to you (We take none.)
You maintain all rights to your book
Ordering Book Copies at Cost
Lifetime membership to the Big Moose Author’s Den (on Facebook)



Developmental plus Line-by-Line editing and Proofreading

Includes everything in Line-by-line editing, plus developmental editing. Developmental editing is a thorough and in-depth review of your entire manuscript. It examines all the elements of your writing and any issues related to flow and clarity. Your target audience is kept in mind. This option also includes copy edit (line-by-line editing) and proofreading.

$.04/word or $750 whichever is more
(For example: $800 for a 20 000 word document/anything 18 750 words or less is $750)

Line-by-line editing plus proofreading
Checks for spelling, grammar, corrects sentence structure, overall look and consistency, locates missing and added words which often happens and are overlooked. Also includes suggestions if find areas that may be confusing or unclear to the reader. With this editing option we fine-tune your book. The purpose of this editing is to ensure that the language supports the writer’s intent — while also creating the most clear and readable version of their book.

 $.03/word or $350 whichever is more
(For example: $600 for a 20 000 word document/anything 11 700 words or less is $350)

Note: If minimal editing (basically proofreading) is required because you have written a very clean manuscript, then a discount may be applied at the publisher’s discretion.

*Prices are in Canadian dollars and subject to GST.

Wanting to publish your book as an audiobook as well?

If you’re ready to start publishing, or have any questions about the publishing process, let’s talk.



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“I have just completed publishing my first book with Fay Thompson & Big Moose Publishing. This process has been a
breeze with Fay’s help and expertise in this area. She has walked me through the process and made the entire process enjoyable. Her compassion, help, ideas, and great editing skills have made this process fast and easy. Fay is driven to move this process along to get the book published professionally and on time. I have enjoyed her help and will look forward to publishing my next book with Big Moose Publishing very soon.” – Gina Strole, Author of Fear Breakthrough

“Thinking about publishing a book and not sure where to start? I highly recommend you connect with Fay Thompson at Big Moose Publishing!

In 2019 I embarked upon my first collaboration book project and chose Big Moose Publishing to handle the details involved in self publishing through Ingram and Amazon. That was definitely a wise choice! There were many times during the process that I felt overwhelmed or frustrated and may have abandoned the project without Fay’s unwavering support. She was always patient, helpful and willing to answer my million questions. She knew when to reach out with support and when to let me figure things out for myself. Fay was my guiding light and I am not sure I would have completed the project without her. Thank you Fay and Big Moose Publishing.  ” – Bonnie Bogner, Author of Hope for Humanity