Create Your Own Audiobook (using GarageBand)

Recording and sound editing an audiobook can seem daunting, but it becomes easy when you have someone by your side who has been through the process. With Big Moose Publishing, recording and publishing your audiobook becomes an easy, smooth, enjoyable experience.

The DIY “Create Your Own Audiobook (with GarageBand)” package gives you all the information and instructions, including comprehensive easy-to-understand videos to narrate, record, edit, and publish your audiobook on ACX distributes your audiobook to amazon, iTunes, and audible. You have the option to sell exclusively through acx or to also have the freedom to distribute to acx channels plus any others (such as selling your audiobook on your own website).

Please note that this option is for people interested in narrating their own audiobook using GarageBand. You can hire a narrator, but it is your responsibility to ensure the files are created to the specifications of acx (the company that distributes your audiobook to amazon, iTunes, and audible).


Here is what you will receive when you purchase this package:

 Distribution to audible, Itunes, and amazon
PDF with full instructions on how to set up, record, edit, and upload your files
Private access to easy to understand videos showing you everything you need to make clear, professional audio files
*Live personal tutorial/orientation on how to use GarageBand (on zoom)
*1 hour additional tutorial support if you run into issues or have questions during the process
100% Royalties paid to you (We take none.)
You maintain all rights to your audiobook
Your name as the publisher
Lifetime membership to the Big Moose Author’s Den (on Facebook)


NOTE 1: This option is based on you using GarageBand. Make sure have GarageBand on your device (not a phone) before you choose this option. A MacBook is preferred. Contact Fay if you have questions about requirements. You will also need a suitable microphone. A Blue Yeti is recommended and the microphone recommended by
NOTE 2: The author is responsible for getting the audiobook cover designed and created. Guidance is given on requirements and how to get this done, but all fees involved are the responsibility of the author.


Additional Sound Editing Support 
$125 per half hour

Complete Sound Editing Done For You
(This is the “I don’t want to edit my own audiobook. Will you do it for me?”

NOTE: It takes approximately 1 hour of editing for every 10 minutes of narration depending on the quality of the narration and audio file. This means 5 hours of narration would be approximately $2250). You are still responsible for providing appropriate audio files that will meet acx’s requirements including a background noise no higher than -60dB RMS.

*Available for 1 year from date of purchase
**Prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to 5% GST and 6% PST.

Combine this package with the Big Moose Publishing Package for $2798 (a $100 savings)

If you’re ready to start creating your audiobook, or have any questions about the process, let’s talk.

Call Fay at 1.306.229.4393


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“I have just completed publishing my first book with Fay Thompson & Big Moose Publishing. This process has been a
breeze with Fay’s help and expertise in this area. She has walked me through the process and made the entire process enjoyable. Her compassion, help, ideas, and great editing skills have made this process fast and easy. Fay is driven to move this process along to get the book published professionally and on time. I have enjoyed her help and will look forward to publishing my next book with Big Moose Publishing very soon.” – Gina Strole, Author of Fear Breakthrough

“Thinking about publishing a book and not sure where to start? I highly recommend you connect with Fay Thompson at Big Moose Publishing!

In 2019 I embarked upon my first collaboration book project and chose Big Moose Publishing to handle the details involved in self publishing through Ingram and Amazon. That was definitely a wise choice! There were many times during the process that I felt overwhelmed or frustrated and may have abandoned the project without Fay’s unwavering support. She was always patient, helpful and willing to answer my million questions. She knew when to reach out with support and when to let me figure things out for myself. Fay was my guiding light and I am not sure I would have completed the project without her. Thank you Fay and Big Moose Publishing.  ” – Bonnie Bogner, Author of Hope for Humanity