About Fay Thompson

Hello, I am Fay Thompson - Publisher and Editor in Chief of Big Moose Publishing. I am also a Coach, Author, and Speaker. My wish is for those who have a message to share to have the confidence to do so and to know that their voice matters! Your voice matters! Deliver Your Message! 1.306.229.4393 |fay@faythompson.com

4 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

4 Ways to Beat Writer's Block Every writer experiences the wall they can’t seem to write past. Some get through it faster than others. If you’re stuck, here are some ways to become unblocked and writing with the flow once again. Stop telling yourself you can’t. Often we block ourselves by telling ourselves we have [...]

8 Tips for a Successful Book Launch

8 Tips for a Successful Book Launch You have written a book and it is time to let the world know it is available. Here are 8 simple tips to help you have a successful launch and get momentum for your book. Don't keep your book a secret. Get buzz rolling. Tell the world!!!!! Let [...]

One Step to Beginning Your Book

One Step For months my husband had been telling me, "We can go to Italy for our 20th anniversary. I'm just not planning it. So, if you want to go, you have to put it together." I was excited by the prospect, but terrified by the planning. I had no idea where to start. I [...]

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