4 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Every writer experiences the wall they can’t seem to write past. Some get through it faster than others. If you’re stuck, here are some ways to become unblocked and writing with the flow once again.

  1. Stop telling yourself you can’t. Often we block ourselves by telling ourselves we have a problem. By deciding we have a problem, we block ourselves from all possibility. What possibilities are you eliminating or avoiding by having this so-called writer’s block? If you weren’t “blocked” what would you write?
  2. Stop thinking. We like to get in our heads and analyze things to death. We must realize our heads are not the source of our inspiration. Ask yourself what is required for you to be inspired. You may need to take a walk in nature, call an old friend, or just leave it for a bit and come back to it. But to try to think your way out of a problem is only reinforcing the idea that you have a problem that is not solved. It gets you nowhere and creates more of the same.
  3. Face whatever it is you are avoiding or hiding from. Is there something you are avoiding writing, so that you block yourself from writing it? Is there a topic that you think will be controversial or sensitive? Will it bring up old wounds? Will it be unpopular or make you feel shameful? Honesty and vulnerability will win you readers, not avoidance or cowardice. Surrender and get whatever you are avoiding on the page – whether you decide to publish it or not.
  4. Write something…even if you think it is bad, useless, or not worth the time on the page. Often we get stuck in the idea of perfectionism. If it’s not going to be perfect, we don’t want to write it at all. Sometimes the best writing is done when you aren’t trying to be good. Editing polishes your rough work. Let the work be rough. Sometimes you realize it isn’t rough at all.

Writer’s block is usually just our own excuses as to why we can’t or don’t want to move forward. When we trust ourselves and the message that is wishing to be expressed through us, things flow easier. Remember, if you weren’t meant to write, you wouldn’t be trying. Go ahead and get it done. The world is waiting to hear what you have to say.



Fay Thompson