8 Tips for a Successful Book Launch

You have written a book and it is time to let the world know it is available. Here are 8 simple tips to help you have a successful launch and get momentum for your book.
    1. Don’t keep your book a secret. Get buzz rolling. Tell the world!!!!! Let them get excited about what’s coming.
    2. Think of ways to create multiple sales. You may offer a gift if they buy 5 copies or give a session if they buy 10. People like to give books as gifts. This may be an incentive to buy 10 books when they normally would buy 1.
    3. What other products from your business can you leverage with the book? Does the book tie in to a class you teach? Offer it. Use your book to build your business. Use your business to sell your book.
    4. Do Youtube or Facebook videos reading a short excerpt and then talking about the lesson or how it ties into your audience’s lives. Get them engaged!
    5. Create memes with quotes from your book that will draw in readers and potential buyers. Put these on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts.
    6. Ask your friends and clients to become part of your VIP Launch Team. They commit to promoting your book on their social media, buy the book, and review it. In return, give prizes and small giveaways, or information that will add value to their lives.
    7. Have a party. Every book deserves a party with its own cake! (or some type of food). Make it festive; make it fun; make it good.
    8. Be creative! There are no shortage of ways to promote your book.

Above all, have fun and keep talking about your book. You never know who you will help with your message.


Fay Thompson